Thank you for your interest in Hot Off The Chess — welcome! The website launched in January 2016, (indeed, a bit of a newbie compared to others), occupying its little corner of the web, here at

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Hot Off The Chess (or my pet-name for it, ‘HOTCH’) is founded and edited by me, John Lee Shaw. I love everything chess! Playing and following this great game has been a passion of mine for over a quarter of a century!

As you will notice in my writing, I enjoy deep analysis of games. What really excites me about our wonderful game, is the psychology of the battle of minds and human competition. You won’t find much computer analysis here, just lots of personal thought and enthusiasm. Of course, that does mean that I will get it wrong here and there, I’m hoping that you will keep me honest and use the comments to let me know!

Along with chess news, there will be classic games and other material that I hope you will find interesting. My aim is to turn the blog into a source of chess news and entertainment that you will find reliable and rewarding.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Who is the best chess player ever?
In my opinion, Magnus Carlsen. There is something about his creativity and vision that I don’t think any player quite matches at this time.

Can I write for your site?
It is really nice of you to be interested, but at the moment I am not looking for other writers. I don’t rule out guest blogging in the future, but this will be by invitation.

If I send you stuff, will you blog about it?
Sorry, but I can’t promise. I like free stuff as much as the next guy, but I am one of those rare bloggers who is not in it for that. I wont compromise or undermine the trust I have with my readers by making recommendations that I don’t believe in. If you send me something, it is at your own risk — I will only consider blogging about it if it is relevant and would benefit my readers.

Do you have any interesting bits of trivia about yourself?
Not really, I am quite normal and boring. However, I did once help Vassily Ivanchuk eat some spare ribs — does that count?