Naiditsch Wins 39th Zurich Christmas Open

6/7 score wins title outright

Arkadij Naiditsch over the board. Photo © Georg Kradolfer
Arkadij Naiditsch, tournament winner.
photo © Georg Kradolfer

The 39th Zurich Christmas Open has been won by Azerbaijani Grandmaster, Arkadij Naiditsch. The 7-round event was held at the Crowne Plaza, Zurich, between the 26th and 30th of December. Naiditsch was top seed, but with strong opposition, which Kiril Georgiev and Christian Bauer.

Arkadij staked his claim right from the off, notching up the following point, against Borna Derakhshani, in the opening round.

The above win would be Naiditsch’s first win of four in a row, but he would not be the only one in form. After round-4, he, Bauer and Kunin, would be at the top of the table with 4/4. Draws on the top boards in round-5, (including his tie with Kunin), would see things largely unchanged at the top. However, Naiditsch was back to his winning ways in round 6, which put him in sole lead with 5.5/6 going into the final round. Though he could only manage a draw with Black against Christian Bauer, he had done enough to claim the tournament outright.

Top Final Standings:

Rg. NameLandEloVerein/OrtPkt. Wtg1Wtg2Wtg3
1GMNaiditsch Arkadij AZE2698Dortmund633.5211.524.5
2GMKunin Vitaly GER2572Deutschland5.532.521123.5
3GMBauer Christian FRA2624Montpellier5.532.520224
4GMGonda Laszlo HUN2544Ungarn5.529.5193.521
5GMGundavaa Bayarsaikhan MGL2506Ulaanbator5.529196.520.5
6GMGeorgiev Kiril BUL2627Sofia5.529192.521.5
7GMBurmakin Vladimir RUS2556Russland53219423
8GMVorobiov Evgeny E. RUS2574Russland531.519823
9GMSebenik Matej SLO2523Slowenien530196.522
10Kheit Wahbi ISR2306Israel53018523.5
11GMBogner Sebastian SUI2546Z?rich527.519119
12IMGeorgiadis Nico SUI2485Schindellegi52719519.5
13FMGantner Matthias SUI2274Leeds526.5189.519.5
14FMHabu Yoshiharu JAP2398Tokyo526.5186.519
66Levrand Roland SUI2158D?bendorf325165.517

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