Rodshtein Wins 45th Rilton Cup

edges out John Ludvig Hammer by a half point -- sizzling chess news and media

The 45th Rilton Cup, has been won by Israel’s Maxim Rodshtein.

The event, held in Stockholm, Sweden, had seen a few changes of the guard at the top of the table. Poland’s Michal Krasenkow had been leading after round 5, the only one with a 100%, 5/5, score. However, Norwegian Grandmaster, Jon Ludvig Hammer, would end Krasenkow’s undefeated run in round 6, to take the lead with 5.5/6. Rodshtien would join him there at the end of round 7, thanks to the following win over early leader Krasenkow, who, after making a great start, was now finding the going tough.

And so, after Round 7, Rodshtein and Hammer were neck and neck at the top of the standings, with 6/7. Rodshtein would occupy the position on his own after round 8, with 7-points, thanks to a convincing win over Alexander Donchenko in round 7, while Hammer was held to a draw by Samuel Sevian.

So, with a half point between them, along with 3 other players being within a point of the lead, lots still depended upon the 9th and final round. This would see a fight of almost 70-moves, and would see Rodshtein deciding the tournament in style, checkmating his opponent.

Maxim Rodshtein would finish in clear first, with 8-points from the 9 rounds. Jon Ludvig Hammer finished in second place with 7.5/9 and Erik Blomqvist would take clear third with 7/9.

Top Final Standings:

Rk. NameRtgFEDPts. TB1TB2Rp
1GMRodshtein Maxim 2678ISR848532876
2GMHammer Jon Ludvig 2695NOR7.55155.52790
3GMBlomqvist Erik 2493SWE745.550.52695
4GMHillarp-Persson Tiger 2521SWE6.547512636
5GMSevian Samuel 2578USA6.54650.52600
6GMSocko Monika 2437POL6.536392432
7GMKrasenkow Michal 2610POL64953.52618
8GMDonchenko Alexander 2588GER64953.52622
9GMTikkanen Hans 2515SWE644.547.52590
10IMZumsande Martin Dr.2442GER642.545.52567
11GMGoganov Aleksey 2597RUS641.5442521
12IMPoetsch Hagen 2509GER640442452
13IMTari Aryan 2556NOR640422429
14IMNikita Meskovs 2511LAT639.5402530
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