Rodshtein Wins 45th Rilton Cup

edges out John Ludvig Hammer by a half point -- sizzling chess news and media

The 45th Rilton Cup, has been won by Israel’s Maxim Rodshtein.

The event, held in Stockholm, Sweden, had seen a few changes of the guard at the top of the table. Poland’s Michal Krasenkow had been leading after round 5, the only one with a 100%, 5/5, score. However, Norwegian Grandmaster, Jon Ludvig Hammer, would end Krasenkow’s undefeated run in round 6, to take the lead with 5.5/6. Rodshtien would join him there at the end of round 7, thanks to the following win over early leader Krasenkow, who, after making a great start, was now finding the going tough.

And so, after Round 7, Rodshtein and Hammer were neck and neck at the top of the standings, with 6/7. Rodshtein would occupy the position on his own after round 8, with 7-points, thanks to a convincing win over Alexander Donchenko in round 7, while Hammer was held to a draw by Samuel Sevian.

So, with a half point between them, along with 3 other players being within a point of the lead, lots still depended upon the 9th and final round. This would see a fight of almost 70-moves, and would see Rodshtein deciding the tournament in style, checkmating his opponent.

Maxim Rodshtein would finish in clear first, with 8-points from the 9 rounds. Jon Ludvig Hammer finished in second place with 7.5/9 and Erik Blomqvist would take clear third with 7/9.

Top Final Standings:

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