Top 10 Benefits of Chess

Hot Off The Chess: Top 10 Benefits Of Chess.

Playing chess is great, isn’t it? There’s nothing better than sitting opposite an opponent and luring them in to our favourite opening lines, out thinking them and out playing them; taking their pieces, and launching a merciless attack on their King. And then, delivering that mating move, the ultimate reward to our endeavours.

But aswell as our competitiveness and thirst for battle, chess has many benefits for the brain. Among others, it promotes its growth, and is one of the activities that exercises both sides.

This is according to the writers at Health Fitness Revolution, anyway. I recently came across an article of theirs, entitled ‘Top 10 Health Benefits of Chess’ in which they list the following enhancements to our wellbeing, thanks to our wonderful game:

• Promotes brain growth.

• It exercises both sides of the brain.

• Raises your IQ.

• Helps prevent Alzheimer’s.

• Sparks your creativity.

• Increases problem-solving skills.

• Teaches planning and foresight.

• Improves reading skills.

• Optimizes memory improvement.

• Improves recovery from stroke or disability.

Health Fitness Revolution goes in to their findings in more detail in their article, which you can view by clicking on the link, below.

‘Top 10 Health Benefits of Chess’ by Health Fitness Revolution.

So, the next time you strut your stuff over the 64 squares, bear in mind that, win or lose, you are doing all of the above for your little grey cells.

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