Polgar vs Anand, Dos Hermanas 1999

A game illustrating that even the best make mistakes -- and serious ones. We see a rare game for Vishy Anand, when his pieces hardly get to see any action until it is too late. To Judit Polgar, this is like a red rag to a bull.

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Hi! And thanks for joining me for another classic game of chess. This week’s features two of the greatest chess players of all time. They are, namely, Judit Polgar of Hungary and Viswanathan Anand of India.

These players will need no introduction for anyone who is not new to chess. And for anyone who is, it is hard to even begin to sum them up. The former is the greatest female chess player in history, multiple Women’s World Champion and dominated women’s chess for almost three decades. The latter, became India’s first Grandmaster in 1988. He is a former World Chess Champion and World number one. He is still ranked in the top ten players in the world today, aged 49.

The two met over the board at the 1999 edition of the strong chess tournament in Dos Hermanas, Spain.

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The game sees Anand adopt the Najdorf Sicilian to Polgar’s 1.e4. His opponent wastes no time in showing her aggressive playing style, with 7.g4. She then lets a piece go, in return for activity.

And this activity she receives, in no small quantity. Anand’s development is found wanting, and a horrid bishop on g7 gives him a very troubled game.

The result is a fine, steady, attack by Judit Polgar. We see her take a firm grasp of the position and not let go.

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